3 Bond Liquid Gasket

This is the only gasket sealer for your engine cases.

Three Bond Liquid Gasket 1104 (grey). OEM approved liquid gasket formula which forms an elastic, reliable gasket seal. It is resistant to damaging fluids, chemicals, heat, pressure and impact.

Three Bond's excellent padding properties make this semi-drying, visco-elastic sealer the perfect product for sealing joint surfaces with large clearances. Special synthetic rubber provides excellent cushion to absorb vibrations and impacts without failure, especially where coolants are involved. Apply to flange surfaces and screw sections to prevent leakage of water, oil, gasoline, and chemicals.

Ideal applications for all your metal to metal joints such as the engine cases, crankcase halves, cylinder head and gearbox casings.

This is the same stuff used and sold by all the major car/motorcycle manufacturers and called by their names such as: