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Free Offer with Continental Tires!

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Continental has long been known for bringing us some of the best mc tires on the road. From the Ubiquitous Z 1 to the iconic K62, Continental has always shown that the two-wheeled industry is part of their DNA.

This year, however, Continental has upped the ante, and rolled out their free Flat Tire Road Assistance Program. That's right, free.

Anyone who purchases a Continental tire is now eligible! All you need to register online is your proof of purchase, scooter info, and a valid email address. You have 45 days from the date of purchase to register. Once you have registered, you'll get a Flat Tire Roadside Assistance card to carry with you, and free Flat Tire Road Assistance for three years! That's right, free. Free. Free. Free!

Continental will change your tire, if you have a spare. If you don't have a spare, they'll tow you up to 150 miles. For free. That's right, free!

This program only covers flats, so if you breakdown, you will still have to
call your buddy with a pickup. Check out: www.totalconfidence-plan.com for more details!

The directional, semi-slick tread pattern ensures maximum stability during acceleration and cornering. Dissipates rain excellently!
Maneuverable and lively!
Majorly low profile....so you look good while dragging you knee!
120/70-12  Front
130/70-12  Rear

Available as a pair or separately.

( When ordering if you want a pair click on "add to cart" when "front and rear" is in the window. )