'02-'11 Performance Kit Stage 1

Ready to make your Yamaha Zuma 50 a screamer? This is the Stage 1 performance kit that will take your Zuma performance up a serious notch. Save $$ by purchasing this kit.

This exhaust has a race-tuned expansion chamber to help your engine make maximum power in the range of 4000-12000 RPM. The included variator parts are necessary modifications to help your engine rev that high and take advantage of the power available to it. Your stock variator setup doesn't want your engine screaming like that, so you've got to switch it up to make higher revs.

This kit consists of:

NCYPerformance Exhaust (Bracket, ex gasket,  included)

NCY Super Transmission kit

You can  always add a big bore kit later on!

Follow good break-in procedures, and work with an experienced tuner for best results.

NCY  Kit Zuma 50cc

  1. Quicker Acceleration
  2. HIgher Top Speeds
  3. Smoother CVT Operations

 Recommendations: - Use a new belt with this kit-Use graphite or Moly grease when assembling

NOTE: Will not work on first gen, 2001 and older Zumas and or Zuma F 4 stroke