Carburetor Mikuni 24mm Kit YSR

The Mikuni "TM" series of flat slide carburetor provides significant improvement over older round slide carbs, with air flowing faster and smoother through the TM venturi due to the flat slide configuration and the jet blocks which help create a smooth bore effect.
The extemely high velocity of the air flow means a much stronger vacuum at the needle jet, which provides more precise metering and better throttle response.
Our carburetor specialist technicians have tested and pre-jetted this carburetor application for your YSR enjoyment.

The Kit contains a 24mm Flat Slide Mikuni Carb with internal parts made by Mikuni SPECIFICALLY for the YSR. This is not an "off the shelf generic carb". Intake Manifold, gaskets, Uni   Air Filter, special throttle cable and 1/4 turn throttle.
To use this kit the oil injector MUST be eliminated! (We also carry an oil pump block off plate part #60-6140)
Eliminating the pump obligates you to use pre-mixed fuel. This may or may not be something you want to do if street riding, although it is not as big a hassle as it sounds.
The benefits of making this modification are: increased mid-range power and increased top end power. The flat slide carb is very efficient & carburates very crisp and clean.

This carb is made by Mikuni for Team Calamari Racing, accept no substitute!

(The covered air filter shown in some pictures is no longer available. We have replaced with a very high quality Uni Two Stage Filter.)