Clutch Dr. Pulley "Hit"

DrPulley HiT Clutch  Yamaha Zuma '02-'11 & 50F & C3

Dr.Pulley high performance clutch HiT 161310 Get quicker, harder
launches & positive engagement with these HiT Clutches. Everything you
could want out of a performance clutch, from fantastic machining and
craftsmanship to great feel and response.
Clutch Bell = 16 spline/ 107mm

The Dr. Pulley clutch and bell set is designed to be tuned to your vehicle and comes with at least six sets of springs - three clutch arm spring sets, and three pillow spring sets.

The HiT clutch has a secondary mechanism that engages when your CVT system reaches a certain RPM (tunable with the included three sets of "pillow" springs). This secondary mechanism locks the clutch arms in place against the clutch bell preventing clutch slippage when under load