Shock Zuma50 Vertical '89 - '01

Great News! The zuma shock will be back in stock in the fall!

If you want one, get on the waiting list now by either ordering one or calling to get on the wait list.

If all goes well, Shocks should be in the U.S. by 10-15-20!

Looking to upgrade your Yamaha Zuma 50 vertical's suspension?

This rear performance shock from NCY is just the thing!

NCY brand high performance rear shock for Yamaha Zuma 50 Vertical  in black.  

Improve the ride and handling with this beautifully-machined shock.  Adjustable preload.

(Includes two spanner wrenches for adjusting!)

Size: 235mm, Eye to Clevis (Top=Eye, Bottom=Clevis), Adjustable