Corbin Seat 125cc - '09 - '15

A comfort addition for your Zuma! We've taken the same developments that have made Corbin the number one choice for motorcycle seats worldwide and built them into a comfortable two-up seat for your Zuma 125. Our ergonomically designed seating platform fits the shape of your body for excellent weight distribution and support. This eliminates hot spots from pressure points created by the stock seat. Additionally, our high-density Comfort Cell® foam material gives firm support that doesn't break down as you ride. This equates to more time in the saddle with less wear and tear on you!

Designed to set you at a comfortable reach to the bars with room to slide forward or back as desired. We also taper the nose of the seat in closer to allow good leg clearance at stop signs. This gives you the best of both worlds since you can slide back into the wider area of the seat while cruising for maximum body support.

Built up with our exclusive Comfort Cell® foam material for firm support that lasts. Our seats feel firm when you first sit on them, but this is one of the factors that make Corbin saddles work so well. While your stock seat feels soft and comfy when you first sit on it, it quickly crushes down and leaves you sitting on the basepan (ouch). Comfort Cell® is designed to support your body in a sculpted bucket for comfort that lasts all day. Over time, your saddle will break in to take on your shape and provide a personalized fit to your body.

The ergonomic shaping of the saddle naturally makes a nice, flowing line on the bike. Also notice how well the Corbin basepan fits to the shape of the Zuma tail section for a perfect fit. In the Corbin R&D shop we look carefully at the lines of the bike and design the shape of our seat to fit in visually. This gives you an excellent blend of comfort AND style.

 On the top, your new saddle includes the finest materials available. For a custom touch we've used natural grain black seating with Carbonite tail section and Asphalt sides along with a tasteful stitch patter to tie it all together

Of course it operates just like stock and keeps the hinge action to provide access to the storage area. New weather stripping is included and comes already in place on your new seat.

Complete installation instructions and care suggestions for your new saddle included. Easy! High-density Comfort Cell® foam material gives firm support that doesn't break down.

Total riding enjoyment!

Corbin Builds each seat when ordered. Usual lead time is 2 weeks.