Exhaust '02 - '11 Arrow

Sold out.

Arrow Exhaust

No Longer Available

(Arrow is a European Company in business for many many years. Their Exhaust have not been available in the U.S for about 8 years. Well....They are Back! And we are very glad to have them)

Hand made

Carbon Fiber Silencer



High Performance!

Great Acceleration and Top End

Arrow  Limited  exhaust with Kevlar/Carbon Silencer!

Aggressiveness, lightness, silence are the main features of this new

series of exhaust systems for your Zuma. The Special Limited exhaust
is made from a thin iron sheet oxyacetylene welded and is painted with
heat-resistant varnish. The silencer is composed of Kevlar and Carbon.
These features allow the reduction of the weight of this exhaust of
40-50%, in comparison with the original equipment.

The noise level of the  exhaust is not much more than of the
stock exhaust, and the improvement of the performance it gives is

We advise that the variator rollers and clutch springs be changed
with the ones we provide with the fitting kit, in order to achieve
optimum performance in acceleration.

Does not interfere with centerstand

Don't forget a new Exhaust Gasket. We have the bolts if you need them, or if you are tired of fussing with the bolts replace with a stud kit!

 Gskt          Bolts        Kit