Lock - Alarm Disc

Simply attach the lock to your Zuma or YSR disc and the alarm's sophisticated electronic unit arms itself; any motion or  shock sets off a very clear warning to any would-be thief, and makes any sustained attempt to move your bike very uncomfortable and conspicuous.

While the main advantage of this disc lock is theft deterrence, it's other key advantage with the built in alarm eliminates the possibility of you riding away before removing the disc lock and wrecking a fork leg or brake caliper or both. While many other style disc locks typically have a reminder strap or some other device to let you not forget you have your disc lock installed, the on-board 110db alarm makes it pretty obvious, even with a helmet and earplugs, to not start riding away until the lock has been removed!

 Key Features

* Auto-Alarming System
* Push-Down Locking System
* Eight month battery life
* 110dB Warning Siren
* Dual Shock & Movement Sensors
* Ideal commuter security
* 7mm locking pin with 2" depth

Fits the Zuma, YSR or just about any bike!