Intake Manifold & Reed Cage '02-'11

Performance aluminum intake manifold complete with performance reeds & cage.

NCY intake manifolds offer a smooth bore and larger inlet diameter over stock. Combined,
these two assets allow more air and more fuel into your cylinder, giving you more power.

Intake manifold upgrades are a must for larger 17.5-19mm or  21-28mm carburetors. It doesn't make sense to install a large carburetor only to have its flow restricted by the manifold. 

Larger manifolds can make a noticeable power increase on their own, and provide a choice option over the standard rubber manifolds. Long lasting parts, and more power. It's a win-win.

Cast aluminum intake manifold. Two vacuum
fittings.(A lot of the Larger carbs do not have the oil delivery  and gas tank vacuum fittings) if you don't need to use the fittings, just use the cap offs supplied.


  • High Performance Reeds
  • High Performance Reed Stops
  • Reed Cage (20% larger fiberglass reeds
  • Reed stops with vacuum relief
  • Aluminum Manifold with vacuum spigots
  • Gaskets

23mm and 30mm intake, (both boots supplied) 

30mm boot works best with the really large carbs, (21mm-28mm). 

23mm boot with Stock, 17mm, and 19mm

We would suggest using the Daytona Right Angle air filter with this set up.

Daytona Filter