Oil - Castrol A747

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High-performance 2-stroke Pre- Mix oil on ester-ricinus basis, exclusively developed
for racing engines. Special active ingredients keep both engine and spark plugs clean while preventing jamming of the throttle slide at high air humidity.

High performance castor/synthetic 2-stroke engine oil For use in highly stressed, high performance 2-stroke engines. Excellent combustion chamber deposit control
Very low rates of piston ring wear.

Castrol A747 is a CASTOR/SYNTHETIC engine oil specifically designed for
use in highly stressed, high performance, 2-stroke engines using premixed fuels, including water-cooled, road racing go-kart engines.
Castrol A747 has been developed for race conditions where combustion
chamber deposit control is essential.

Castrol A747 is only recommended for premix systems. Its viscosity is
too high for use in oil injection systems. Castrol A747 is recommended
only for very high performance two-stroke engines. If used in lower
performance, lower revving engines, excessive deposit formation may result.

1 Liter Bottles