Spark Plugs-E3-Short Reach-Projected Tip

This is the  Plug you use when you have the "Hotwire". 


E3 Spark Plugs
The DiamondFIRE ground electrode configuration increases the amount of combustion pressure created during each power stroke of an engine, which results in a marked increase in power output, fuel economy, and reduced emissions in all gasoline engines.

Smoother Acceleration and Idle – The faster flame propagation initiated by the Patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode results in a more complete burn of the fuel/air mixture.

Energy – More pressure is created against the cylinder and more of the available fuel is put to work. Power is improved 3%-6% on average in typical operating ranges. Results may vary.

Efficiency – Another benefit of E3’s faster flame propagation is less fuel is wasted, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Lab and Dyno testing typically results in 3%-4% improved Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC). Results may vary.

Ecology – E3’s more complete burn drastically reduces carbon emissions and carbon build up.


 Spark Plug Cap and Boot Available and a great Spark Checker