Tire Michelin City Grip 12"

Front and rear 12"  tires to improve the performance of your 125 scooter

Scoot goes about 1- 2mph faster with these tires!

 120/70 X 12" Front

130/70 X 12" Rear

MICHELIN® City Grip The next generation tire that combines extraordinary all-season traction with longevity worthy of the Michelin brand.
Amazing Wet Grip
Delivers better wet traction(1) and shorter stopping distances(2) on wet surfaces than its leading competitor.
Improved longevity for heavy commuting
MICHELIN® City Grip tires deliver even more mileage than its proven predecessor
The silica-based compounds and shark tooth sipes are designed to provide an excellent level of grip on wet and slippery surfaces
With its proven performance, this latest generation of the City Grip tire line is already the original equipment choice of the world’s most demanding manufacturers

 Available as a pair or separately  (When ordering  a pair click on "add to cart" when "front and rear" is in the window. )

we can only ship tires to continental U.S for other Locations such as Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, please call