Variator Rollers 16 x 13 Tuning Kit (3G to 14G)

Roller Weight Tuning Kit
This is probably the best way to go about tuning your CVT transmission!

Included in this tuning kit are 12 sets of 3 rollers, for a total of 36 roller weights. These sets range from 3g to 14g. Combining 2 sets of rollers allows you to tune with a large variance of weights sets!

For example:
3 x 10g & 3 x 11g rollers (alternating weights in variator) gives you 10.5g roller set.

DANGER: weights must be put in a 120 deg pattern! If not, SEVERE ENGINE DAMAGE WILL RESULT!!! (in other words, alternate the rollers)

TIPS: Lighter roller weights will increase RPM for any given road speed.
Heavier weights will lower RPM for any given road speed.

All of this, of course, must be tailored to each person's engine set-up & personal driving style!!

(16 x 13mm rollers fit most aftermarket variators, Athena, Polini etc. They DO NOT fit the stock Yamaha or NCY variators)

These rollers are  not intended for long term use. They are a short term tuning tool.

Happy scootering!!!