Wind Screen YSR

Clear or Smoke Windscreen

These are excellent quality

Zero Gravity has clear and smoke in stock, 7/15/2023!

Delivery times will vary in accordance with availability from the manufacturer. 

Zero Gravity just raised the price by $105!!!

This is a statement I just receive from Zero Gravity (2/17/2022)

"Due to the rapidly rising prices for raw acrylic plastic and labor we have found it necessary to raise our prices at a higher rate than normal. In addition, there are several part numbers that are very low volume and/or are made by hand in a very costly way.
We had to make the decision whether to continue offering these part numbers at significantly higher prices or drop them altogether. Because we are the only windscreen makers (that we're aware of) that still offer most of these models, we decided to offer them at the high price so that owners of these bikes can still have the ability to obtain a windscreen for their bike."

Bottom line: If you want them to continue to manufacture these, this is the situation.

(don't forget new mounting screws)

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