YSR 50/80 Dip Stick

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There are only two ways to check transmission oil on your YSR. Drain and measure,  or use the Genuine Yamaha Dip Stick.

  • To Check the oil level, the motorcycle must stand Vertically with its both wheels on the ground.  A slight tilt to the side can produce false readings.
  • When checking the oil level, stop the engine and remove the filler cap. Rest the dip stick on the threads of the hole.
  • The dip stick  has a minimum and maximum mark; the oil level should be between the two. If the level is low add oil to raise ti the proper level.

In the drawing #1 is the dip stick, #2 is the maximum level #3 is the minimum

TCR Recommends Castrol GTX 20-50W motor oil. (Remember this is a wet two plate clutch which does not like synthetic oil) Drain oil, measure 600cc (20 ounces) and pour into transmission filler.

If your YSR is leaking oil refer to this page:  https://www.teamcalamari.com/dox/tekoil.html